Western Red Cedar gives warmth and serenity to any interior. The rich beauty of its heart-and sapwood tones adds quality and distinction to any environment. Carefully formulated transparent and semi-transparent finishes have been developed to retain Western Red Cedar's uniqueness that not only protect its surface but enhance its beauty.

There are two surface finishes to consider in Western Red Cedar, as well as many patterns that are available. For finishing purposes, saw-textured and smooth surfaces will be considered here. Saw-textured cedar will not show fingerprints as readily as smooth faced cedar, so it's a good surface for heavy traffic areas. The grain pattern is more subtle, however.

Smooth surfaced Western Red Cedar is best in rooms where there's less activity. A minimum amount of sanding and "dressing up" may be required to erase scratches and scuffs before finishing.

Western Red Cedar can be left to slowly mellow with time, however, an oil based penetrating finish will enhance the beauty of the wood and protect it.

Finished Boards