Douglas Fir

BoardsFir2.pngDouglas Fir from the West Coast is one of the strongest woods—pound for pound—that has ever been tested. It enjoys a reputation throughout the world as an all-purpose wood of great dependability, and is the supreme choice for both heavy and light construction.

West Coast Douglas Fir, which is available everywhere, is the most serviceable of all American softwoods, being manufactured into more use items than any of the lumber species.

Through years of the most favorable growing conditions, West Coast Douglas Fir has acquired the characteristics necessary to fine construction uses—stiffness, strength, ease of working, durability and comparative freedom from warping, cupping or twisting.


All sizes—Green
Mill rough, S4S, resawn 4 sides
#1 structural - BTR
Grade standard and better
#1 select structural
Rough or S4S


Green and Dry
#2 and better
Select Structural
Rough or S4S
2x6 - 2x14 up to 32'
2x4 - 2x12 up to 24'


Green and Dry (Finger Joint and Solid)
B - BTR Vertical Grain
C - BTR Vertical and Flat Grain
D and better
Stepping, Flooring
Any Pattern