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Benjamin Obdyke

A Preferred Provider of High Quality Residential Roof and Wall Ventilation Products

Benjamin Obdyke is one of America’s leading providers of high-quality residential roof and wall building solutions. Our products enhance the building system to maximize the performance, durability, and value of a building’s most critical elements — its outer structure. In short, when you “build better” with Benjamin Obdyke, you build to last.

Rainscreen and Wall Products

A rainscreen is a moisture management technique for controlling rain entry in an exterior wall that involves locating a pressure-moderated air space immediately behind exterior cladding in addition to employing a water resistive barrier. Benjamin Obdyke has been providing innovative rainscreen solutions since the early 1990’s. We are credited with being the innovator of the rolled rainscreen and have sold the market leading Home Slicker brand since 2002. Our rainscreen products continue to be marketing leading products offering the upmost is performance and value.

Ridge Ventilation

On the forefront of building efficiency. More than any other part of a home, the roof is subject to extremely high heat, both on and under the roof deck.  Left unvented, temperatures can damage the home’s roof shingles and lower it’s energy efficiency.  When you build better with the Benjamin Obdyke Ridge Ventilation products you increase the performance of both the roof and the home.


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