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Western Red Cedar

A multi-faceted wood of exceptional beauty

In its natural, unfinished state, it has a richly textured, tactile grain combined with a palette of warm, mellow tones ranging from light amber to deep honey brown. No man-made material can duplicate the depth of cedar’s natural luster. It also remains subtly aromatic, and the characteristic fragrance of cedar adds another dimension to its universal appeal.

One can consider Western Red Cedar for just about any design situation.

Whether used in wall paneling, ceilings, doors, windows, mouldings, railings, posts, or beams; the presence of Western Red Cedar enhances structures of any type or design.  Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that act as preservatives to help the wood resist insect  attack and decay.  Western Red Cedar is also a dimensionally stable wood that lies flat and stays straight.

Properly finished and maintained, Western Red Cedar ages gracefully and endures for many years. It is also the preferred material for all outdoor applications that seek visual harmony with the landscape combined with stability and durability: from siding, patio decking, fences, planters, screens, shelters, and garden furniture. Indoors, cedar’s dimensional stability makes it perfectly suited to a variety of uses in high moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and saunas.

Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is the deck material of choice noted for its beauty, versatility, and durability.  It is also a green choice when compared to its composite decking counterparts.  Western Red Cedar is one of the few woods with its own preservative oils.  Its freedom from pitch and resin makes it an excellent base for protective coatings.  Western Red Cedar decks stay flat, straight, and resists checking.

Western Red Cedar Siding

Western Red Cedar siding is available in a range of designs and grades, offering variety and versatility to complement any architectural style. It adapts equally well to bold and expressive modernism or the well defined criteria of period styling.

Western Red Cedar Fencing

Many variations are shown in custom fencing. By using 1″X4″, 1″X6″, 5/4″X 4 5/4 X 6 or a selection of Tongue and Groove patterns, your fence can become your own creation. We are showing vertical patterns on this page but don’t rule out horizontal applications as a design choice.

Commonly used in Ontario is a surfaced four sided product, but a resawn or rough finish could add an interesting dimension when building your custom Cedar Fence.


Western Red Cedar Timbers

Cedar timbers are available as rough sawn or surfaced from 6″ x 6″ up to 18″ x 18″, in lengths up to 40 feet. These timbers are ideal for post and beam homes, other applications requiring strength and beauty or for appearance columns.


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